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i write what comes in my head 

# Imagination.

Don't give me every piece of you, because if you do how will i survive without mystery. without it i wont have anything to imagine. And could we ever live without imagination? As imagination is way more beautiful than reality.

# Monotonous! is it?

when i hear people complaining about life being monotonous, all i see is their inability of observing life around them. All i realise how piped their vision has become that they stopped looking at the sunsets, the night sky, the moon, the clouds, the trees, the horizon. because if they did, they would have realised how much new there is everyday to live.

# Realisations

An artist becomes with not what he creates but what he realises.

# Experience 

You are strong when you don't let any kind of bad experience doubt the next one.

# What is the point?

If you can't bring positivity then what is the point of your existence?

# Blessing or a curse.

Its both, a blessing and a curse when you understand everything.

# Destroyer 

if not in this life, may be in next one i wish for us to find each other before the world does it's thing and destroy our innocence. 

# Listen

If they love you they will listen to you, most of the time people are not listening even if you scream.

# Selfish

It will never be about who loved you. It will always be about who you loved. and the most selfish thing about human consciousness.

# Fighting 

So far i am fighting, so far i am. but for how long before i let the devil walk with me.

# Masks 

mukhoton ke bazaar main chehre dhoondh rahe ho?

# Cold world.

This is a cold world we live in. It is important to protect ourselves but can't forget to be a bit kinder, even towards the people who hurt us, because everyone is trying their best to survive and we don't know what they have been through to become someone capable of incurring harm.

# Did you win?

And after all the chaos, are you still the same or the evil won you over.

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