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# The theory of familiarity.

Disclaimer: What you are about to read is just something I realized and doesn’t claim to present facts about anything. But it does present the ideas in context to a few universal laws.


Have you ever wondered why we form relationships or come in contact with some people or objects and remain unsuccessful with others, whereas there are millions present for us to experience or come in contact with? Why do we pick one of the two perfectly ripe apples? We know nothing happens without a reason so there must be a hidden force at play, guiding our decisions and forging connections.

According to the laws of attraction, whether manifested between two atomic particles or a boulder nestled in a riverbed, there has to be a certain kind of pull/push  (it can be gravitational or magnetic or negative/positive charges or any external force). This is just the process orchestrating their convergence. However, such forces operate without discrimination; they possess the potential to draw any two entities into proximity. So why did we pick that particular apple? The other one was from the same tree, and equally tasty. To explain this bias let's consider an analogy.


Imagine there are only two glasses in the entire world and you accidentally shatter them. Now while piecing them back together, and only those fragments will be put back perfectly if they are placed where they belonged before the glasses broke. So that means broken things carry that sense of familiarity in the future and if they find themselves alongside each other that familiarity will give them a better chance to form a strong bond, and that’s how I think we form strong relationships with some and remain unsuccessful with others.

So this gives a hint about the strength of our bonds. But in the first place, what made us pick the particular apple? I guess there has to be some force that pulls us, like consciously we are more motivated to stand with the people we are already familiar with, rather than strangers. So in the case of picking the apple, there might be a motivation at subconscious levels. And this pull (can be from either side) sometimes doesn’t have to end up in choice. It could just be the universe aligning perfectly to make it possible. There could be such a big effort in bringing that object to you. Like the phone you carry, it ended in your hands, and to make that happen a lot had to be done, years and years of research, and thousands of people had to come together to make it possible. So this gives us a hint that the universe is at work to put the pieces back together in a way they makes sense, that a bird can fly and the sun can shine.

If by the slightest of the possibility it is true, can you imagine since when this has been going on, the search for the pieces which were once a part of ourselves. All we know there once was the Big Bang (the inception of our known universe) and it changed everything. Since then the atoms and molecules, now present inside of us, have been traveling, colliding, breaking, then taking different shapes and sizes, and then breaking again, but whatever form we ever took, if you are reading this or we have ever met, my atoms have successfully found you. We were once neighbors in the form of mere stardust and now we can touch, feel, and see the colors of each other, we are capable of love, destruction and much more.

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